Decor Powder

Isn't it magic?

Our deco powders create a classy metallic glitter look on your creations. They are great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and more. You can sprinkle them on chocolate, fondant, cream, buttercream, marzipan or powdered sugar, or work them into pastry or creams. If you place a stencil on top before dusting, you'll create a stunning work of art.


Create a glam cocktail, gild your coffee or impress your friends with a glitter smoothie. Let potatoes and vegetables shine in a candlelight dinner ...


Our deco powders can do all that and much more.


We developed the Lustre Deco Powder specifically to achieve even metallic effects. Due to its superfine structure, it is also possible to get just a touch of luxury ...



Our Blend collection contains three different variants, all of them are made of dyed silver lustre.


# 08039


# 08041


# 08043

Blend Mixes

Our Blend Mix collection contains eleven different variants, all of which consist of a dyed mix of Lustre, Sparkle and Sparkle+.

Black Mix 1

# 08202

Graphit Mix 1

# 08201

Silver Mix 1

# 08200

Gold Mix 1

# 08209

Yellow Mix 1

# 08206

Bronze Mix 1

# 08210

Red Mix 1

# 08207

Violet Mix 1

# 08204

Pink Mix 1

# 08203

Blue Mix 1

# 08208

Lemon Mix 1

# 08205


Our decor powder is available in the following containers as standard:

14 ml pump bottle

35 ml pump bottle

50 ml PET can* **

200 ml PET can*


*Available in black transparent and clear transparent | with black or white cap

**With normal or perforated lid